Episode 87

Death of Performance Appraisals


October 19th, 2022

24 mins 23 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, Bob’nJoyce join the debate about scrapping traditional performance appraisal practices. We suggest that HR/OD replace traditional practices with a less confrontational, more co-equal process between leaders and their direct reports. We discuss practical, simple ways to make this happen:

  • Get rid of grading and complex rating methods that are bureaucratic and don't work.
  • Build a process using methodologies we know work - Straight talk, appreciative inquiry, and timely feedback.
  • Balance the conversation by focusing as much on future expectations and professional development as reviewing past performance.
  • Using powerful questions that promote a conversation that works for both the boss and employee.

So, come on In. Grab a snack. Welcome!