Episode 82

Pushing Through Overwhelm


September 14th, 2022

25 mins 12 secs

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About this Episode

In today’s episode, Bob’nJoyce take on the topic of OD/HR coping with being overwhelmed in a world that overwhelms. The workplace is in a profound shift where what was no longer is, what is isn’t working for too many of us, and what will be is not known. The demands of OD/HR has never been greater. Bob’nJoyce share ideas on how to be at your best in challenging times.

In this episode, we explore:

  • The power of seeing what is really happening
  • Recovering from getting knocked down and getting back on your feet
  • Cutting yourself some slack AND taking care of yourself
  • The power of movement, conversation, and stillness to move forward
  • How to help a team to slow down to speed up


Come on it. Grab a snack. Welcome!