Episode 156

The Power and Irritation of a Good Question


June 12th, 2024

27 mins 6 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, Bob’nJoyce share thought-provoking question for leaders and HR/OD practitioners. Some questions come from Gallup consulting, and the rest from Joyce’s own writings. Asking a powerful question is a valuable tool for providing insights, shifting perspectives (in a good way), and revealing blind spots. They can also irritate the dickens out of you.

Come join us as we rift on each and provide our thoughts on where and when to use them. We blend humor, a bit of sarcasm, and brilliant insights that will make you both smile and grimace.

Spoiler Alert!!!! Here is the list of Joyce's touchstone Leadership Questions:

— Would you do the same job for half the salary?
— Do you have something preposterously important you want to get done?
— Do you think about ‘better’ or ‘different’?
— Do you look forward to developing, thinking with, being demanding of,
infusing with enthusiasm, your direct reports?
— Does the idea of contact with the core of your business excite you or
bore you?
—Do you take reality into serious consideration but not bow to it?
—When people see you coming, do they want to do good work and after you leave, do they want to do their best work?
— Do you often realize that you owe your privileged role to every person in your company and does it make you determined to make them proud of you?

Some of these I know grabed your attention and interest so...
Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!